Aqui você encontra a arte de contar histórias (storytelling)
entrelaçada à empatia, mediação de leitura, educação, brincar, sustentabilidade e cultura de paz.

Brazilian selection of IBBY - 47ª Bologna Children's Book Fair: The yellow mystery of the night and other books

Get to know O Mistério Amarelo da Noite (The yellow mystery of the night) and other books from the Brazilian selection for IBBY - 47th Bologna Children's Book Fair:

O mistério amarelo da noite
Fabio Lisboa. Illustrations by Rogério Coelho.
WMF Martins Fontes. 56p. ISBN 9788578272081

The best way to face fear is to play with it and demystify it. This book tells the story of a boy who is going back alone to his home and, all of a sudden, everything gets dark. When he kicks a bottle, a dog gets scared and starts to run, a crazy persecution that leads him to the Dark Alley. Darkness, strange noises, shades, an empty house and… there it is the yellow mystery of the night. In the end of the story the reader is invited to join the author in order to find out the yellow mystery of that night his own way.

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