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entrelaçada à empatia, mediação de leitura, educação, brincar, sustentabilidade e cultura de paz.

Story eco tour in Brazil for NSN’s Earth Up

NSN’s Earth Up Congress

Stories at heart. Science in the Mind.  Together to save our planet.

I’m honored to participate in the NSN National Storytelling Network’s Earth Up Congress with two stories selected for the “Earth Up Evening Performance” and being invited to present Brazil in a Story Eco Tour!

Brazil’s Eco tour content is available on-demand at NSN Digital Library and will be available to schools soon. Contact or via WhatsApp: (+5511993934503) (

Tive duas histórias selecionadas para o “Earth Up Evening Performance” e fui convidado a apresentar o Brasil num Story Eco Tour. Este conteúdo (originalmente feito em inglês mas que também estará disponível em português) em breve poderá ser acessado por escolas, saiba como ou pelo WhatsApp: (+5511993934503) (

To registered for Earth Up and check the schedule starting (April 9-11 and on-demand content for longer) at

Eco Tour: Brazil


Storytelling free webinar: a Forest of stories

I was invited to tell stories in a webinar promoted by Acenovation, located in India,  right in their Republic Day, and you are invited too, so let´s share some oral tradition tales in "A Forest of Stories"! The themes varied from traditional tales to adapted ones from Brazil and from other countries, certainly with a Brazilian accent and seasoning!

Most stories will be told in English and one or two (short ones) in Portuguese. The entrance is free. Come and let’s celebrate! OBS: The session won´t be recorded but you can access other stories told in English by me at the World Storytelling Cafe (and kindly donate if you wish): 

Time: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021 09:30 AM Brazil  / 6PM India

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 1658 1476

Passcode: 971523

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