Aqui você encontra a arte de contar histórias (storytelling)
entrelaçada à empatia, mediação de leitura, educação, brincar, sustentabilidade e cultura de paz.

Dia da Terra: história real - Earth Day true story

A seeded Earth Day true story

By Fabio Lisboa

(Tradução para o português abaixo -  Translation to Portuguese bellow)

What will we take, what will we leave while we live here on Earth?

More than 15 years ago, in a day like today, my ecologist brother, Augusto Lisboa, gifted my mom Iara (whose name means the goddess of waters) with a plant seedling and with her blessed hands she planted this endemic Brazilian tree called “Jequitibá Rosa” in some enchanted woods where I spent my golden years as a kid. The magnificent young tree is taller than a house now.

The middle aged tree my mom used to hang my cloth diapers is taller than a small building now. When I take a walk at that place these days the trails seem to be enchanted again.