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2022 Toronto International Storytelling Festival - Fabio Lisboa invites


Fabio Lisboa invites you from around the word
(abaixo tradução em português - Fabio Lisboa convida você do mundo todo)

I’m honored to share I have been invited to tell for the second time at the Toronto International Storytelling Festival and you, my friends, are invited to join (in person or online)!

This time, due to covid restrictions, the event will be hybrid: I’ll be broadcasted live in a screen (online and for a live audience at the Tranzac club) and tell along with other (in person) tellers (Brianne, Johanne, Ronna and Madeleine - probably online too). Our set will be about “unforgettable moments”, and in my turn I’ll be telling “on my grandfather’s lap”…

Tickets (including Pay what you can option) are available for in person and online participation at


Unforgettable Moments

Ticket Link:

Saturday, May 7th, 3:30 pm (Toronto time), in Brazil time it will be at 4:30pm

Event Start and End time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm (ET - Toronto time)

2022 Toronto International Storytelling Festival

from May 6 to 15th

info and ticket at

 About the storyteller:

Read more about the set (bellow the Portuguese invitation)