Aqui você encontra a arte de contar histórias (storytelling)
entrelaçada à empatia, mediação de leitura, educação, brincar, sustentabilidade e cultura de paz.

Storytelling free webinar: a Forest of stories

I was invited to tell stories in a webinar promoted by Acenovation, located in India,  right in their Republic Day, and you are invited too, so let´s share some oral tradition tales in "A Forest of Stories"! The themes varied from traditional tales to adapted ones from Brazil and from other countries, certainly with a Brazilian accent and seasoning!

Most stories will be told in English and one or two (short ones) in Portuguese. The entrance is free. Come and let’s celebrate! OBS: The session won´t be recorded but you can access other stories told in English by me at the World Storytelling Cafe (and kindly donate if you wish): 

Time: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021 09:30 AM Brazil  / 6PM India

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Meeting ID: 820 1658 1476

Passcode: 971523

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